Career Planning 101

Posted on March 23, 2016 · Posted in careers


Along with her Year 10 fellow pupils, my daughter recently sat mock GCSE examinations, and shortly afterwards spent a week’s work experience with a local employer.  This prompted related discussion amongst us parents.  Are our children on track for GCSE success?  Will they qualify for/choose suitable A levels?  Which universities might they consider?  Would an apprenticeship be more suitable?  The list goes on. 

The work experience and examinations prompted parents to utter renewed encouragement at home for academic attainment and future career success.

Our children, it turns out, have been far more observant of our own lives than we had realised.  One father was challenged by his daughter about his hour-and-a-quarter commute; another was reminded by his son of how he complains about his job and the travel involved; a daughter dismissed perceived pressure to go to university with the words, ‘Things have changed now, it isn’t the be all and end all.’

Whether the comments were well-founded or not, they did make parents stop and think about their own careers and choices, in a way they perhaps hadn’t for years – if ever.  Is the commute really worth it?  Do I still enjoy this role and profession?  Is this right for me now?  Are there other options that don’t involve this level of travel?  What could I do next?  Do I have the right things in place for a career move?

Food for thought.