Corporate Services.


Corporate Outplacement and Restructuring

Corporates who wish to assist employees impacted by often inevitable change and restructuring will often choose a dedicated external resource. I have worked with a number of organisations to assist with smooth career transition of numerous employees, who, regardless of their level of seniority, will benefit from external input and expert help. They may find themselves in a situation where having an excellent CV and/or other items will be a key factor in achieving future success in the newly restructured/combined organisation. For example:

  • They may have to re-apply for their current role.
  • They may have an opportunity/need to apply for other internal roles.
  • They may need to look for employment elsewhere

The sponsoring organisation is able to secure commitment, enhance performance, and ease the period of transition for retained staff and offer practical assistance to those who are made redundant. It is a very visible way for companies to demonstrate an understanding of the impact of change on employees.

I offer an individually tailored service to provide practical support to individuals during these changes. I can work on a one-to-one basis or in groups, and delivery would typically include:

  • Initial scoping meeting with the project managers to discuss company objectives, culture and structure, the internal transition processes, outputs and measures.
  • One-to-one Delivery:
    • A meeting with the individual to start the process of reviewing career and achievements to date in the context of the needs of the new restructured organisation.
    • A draft CV and/or other items will be emailed to the individual for review.
    • Follow up contact to agree final amendments, which will then be emailed to the individual.