Executive CV Writing Services.


Key Steps:

1. Discussion

Either face-to-face or over the phone, this session is all about information gathering for me, and talking through career achievements and business stories for clients. We usually spend a couple of hours, sometimes with email follow-up. This detailed discussion of professional life is often is the first of its kind for my clients – even those who have had long and very structured careers. Re-discovering and articulating experiences and examples of professional activities and achievements can be a revelation in itself – clients sometimes express their surprise and pleasure at just how much they have done and can take credit for.

2. First Draft

I prepare and email a first draft of the CV to clients, indicating any outstanding questions or items for inclusion, such as specific financial information. Occasionally, more than one version of the CV will be required, in order to target multiple opportunities such as, for example, executive and non-executive posts.

3. Review and Completion

I will send a revised version to reflect client comments, edits and feedback. My objective is that clients have the best CV possible given their career experience and target audience; I work with clients until we reach this stage.

4. Other Assistance

This includes preparation of LinkedIn profiles, biographies and letters, building client business stories across various documents and media.

5. Keeping in Touch

I welcome updates from past clients, and am always pleased to hear about further new roles and achievements.